Coupled with every story of success is a story of struggle, hard work, and persistent ambition. Totem Star gives young artists the opportunity to rub shoulders with guest artists and music industry professionals during intimate Q&A sessions called The Story. Hearing stories straight from the best in the biz sends a strong message: There is no fast track to creative excellence. Only one percent of the game is talent and skill. The rest is commitment.

The Story with Brian Myers

Friday, October 28, 2016 // 4-5pm // Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Brian Myers was the tour manager for Blue Scholars from 2005-2009. He managed the band on several national tours, hitting the road with artists like Gza, Hieroglyphics, and Flobots, also working behind the scenes on the main stage at Bumbershoot when Blue Scholars opened for Kanye West. Myers also took care of support artists on Blue Scholars tours, one of which was a rapper named Macklemore. As a salesman he always stresses that even though the money may be coming in, it won't be coming forever, so you got to plan ahead! Learn about life on the road and what it takes to make it in the music industry at this month's installment of The Story with Brian Myers. As always, it's all ages and free to the general public. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.


Past Guest Artists:

Otieno Terry and Max Levin
Owuor Arunga and Greg Kramer (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) 
Aaron Walker-Loud (Big World Breaks) and Jazmyn Scott (The Town Entertainment)
Daniel Pak (Kore Ionz) and Thaddeus Turner (Thaddillac)
Catherine Harris-White a.k.a. Sassy Black
Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars)